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English for Special Purposes

Contact me for help with English for Special Purposes (ESP). A learning program can be designed specifically for your needs.

Almost becoming distinct dialects, the English language readily adapts itself to different contexts. The study of this is a fascinating journey into the mechanism of pop culture infiltrating the mainstream.

For practical, professional contexts the English language presents specific challenges to learners such as those in the following (rather incomplete) list:

  • academic students and staff,
  • engineers and scientists,
  • aviation professionals,
  • doctors and nurses,
  • lawyers and merchants,
  • politicians and diplomats

Language differences in these contexts are than just vocabulary. Style, tone and level all change according to circumstance and purpose.

The contrasts show that the use of English closely reflects the state-of-mind of the speaker and listener.

Different contexts require different training design but one advantage of these professional types of English is that you don't need to worry as much about
strange cultural humour in text books.

    Updated 20 July 2004