www.mjcsmith.net Mike Smith - teacher and trainer Brisbane, Australia

Dance Tuition

I offer services as a qualified and experienced dance teacher of social, partnered dance in the ballroom, latin, and swing styles.

Contact me for a tuition prgram designed specifically for your needs.  Please note that I generally do not support competitive dancing.

I generally specialise in helping couples prepare for their wedding dance (see Wedding Steps).  But I sometimes take other learners.

My fees are shown at the Wedding Steps site, but depending on your needs the fees may change.  For example if you are considering a longer program, then the fees may be less (per lesson).  If you need something more complicated or a very large group taught, then the fees would be negotiated on that basis.

I usually go to my students for lessons, rather than make them come to me.  Not having a studio allows me to keep my costs down and my service very flexible.

I specialise in making the learning very easy and stress-free.  There are many teaching techniques which I can draw upon for people with different learning styles and needs. 

For example some people (usually males) have difficulty learning the latin rolling hip movement, and are embarrased about it.  I have at least three different ways to teach it, and have always been successful in helping learners master it.

I especially enjoy working with beginners and couples.  As an Aussie male I can identify with the challenges that male learners must face in social dancing.  I have developed very effective approaches for helping them learn easily.

I am confident of being able to help you achieve your goals in dancing.

    Updated 20 July 2004