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This site presents the services I provide which mainly relate to teaching and training, as well as some systems management aspects.

I have a military (RAAF) background during which I gained a maths/physics science degree, worked as a pilot and later as a flight simulator project engineer. This period was a formative one for gaining technical, organisational and communication skills.

Since retiring from the RAAF I have focussed on teaching, moving through the areas of social ballroom dance, English as a second language, and workplace training. I enjoyed opportunities to coach and train other English teachers and most recently I have trained other workplace trainers.

Teaching and training is my passion and I strive for the best possible quality. I hold that the most successful teachers and trainers are those that excel in three key areas:

  • Student empathy. Crucially, a teacher must gain a clear understanding of the needs and challenges of the student.
  • Deep domain knowlede. Although it is unreasonable to expect even a teacher to have complete domain knowledge, a teacher must do more than simply pass on information that could be found in texts.
  • Inspiration. There is rarely time to learn all that must be learned. The most effective teaching strategy (and often the only practical one) is to provide a solid foundation, foster a positive attitude, and empower the student to press on independently.
    Updated 20 July 2004