Video Control Framework For Teaching

I've been playing with methods to make using video (and audio) easier to use in the classroom and also by students for self-study.  The essence is a synchronised, scrolling transcript with indexed play buttons.  You've seen this recently with Youtube and, but often a teacher wants to embed those play/pause buttons conveniently within lesson [...]

Fire twirling and dinner

O’Shea’s Crossing

Small Stones – A Journey of Mindfulness

Small Stones - A Journey of Mindfulness These are links to posts in that group. [...]

Lost footing

Old faithful lost his footing the other week.  Seeking a farrier.

Jupiter plus 4

Showed Noah (5 yo) the night sky through a telescope for the first time. Astonished after looking at Jupiter with 4 of its moons, he noticed how fast the stars were moving. "Why are the stars moving, dad?" "We'll the stars aren't moving so much as the Earth is rotating." "The earth is rotating!?", he [...]

Moon and Jupiter

Noah and Amelie saw the Moon and Jupiter (plus 4 moons) through my old telescope this evening. The 4.5" reflector was a valued present from my Om (uncle) Jan when I was about 14. Mum carried the bazoooka-looking tube as hand luggage on 3 flights from Europe. Those were carefree days of travel! Then mum [...]

City versus Country Living

It's after you've lived elsewhere, become a bit older, and perhaps started a family, that you appreciate a place like Gympie.  I know I'm speaking through the prism of a childhood in the seventies.  However in most of Brisbane (cities generally) you can't let your (young) kids ride their bikes around town, play in creeks, [...]




What I’m doing now …

I’ve recently found myself with time on my hands, but there’s still lots to do:

  • spend time with the kids
  • tidy the downstairs living area
  • learn web technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Moodle WordPress)
  • buy a camper trailer
  • go to my school reunion
  • figure out what I’m going to do this year and onwards

Right now: figuring out how to set up Thesis 2 with WordPress