Video Control Framework For Teaching

I’ve been playing with methods to make using video (and audio) easier to use in the classroom and also by students for self-study.  The essence is a synchronised, scrolling transcript with indexed play buttons.  You’ve seen this recently with Youtube and, but often a teacher wants to embed those play/pause buttons conveniently within lesson material.  This allows lessons to be more accessible to language learners where the language of instruction itself can be a barrier to learning.  Here’s a prototype lesson based on a song by Ralph McTell – Streets of London.

Effort to create the framework is not yet complete, and the user interface still needs tweaking.  It is fine on a desktop and tablets, but the real challenge is usability on small mobile devices.

I am adding quiz question types including an embedded cloze similar to that found in Moodle, but much more flexible.  It will allow adding progressive hints to lead the learner towards the answer.

This framework is mainly designed for developing language skills, but it could be used in any media-based training or education.

Song Lesson

ESL Teaching Tech

Trying out Curation Soft

Here’s a post..

Now let’s and some posts from Curation Soft (Google Blog Search “english for electricians”)

Electric Engineers And Their Work : Power Factor Correction


Electricians do a wide range of are employed the property and in professional property to make sure the electric powered set up operates efficiently and to the correct building rules. Electric engineers also operate to the right English


Not let’s try (Twitter “gluten free”)

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and another…

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Shadow Box Test






First Javascript/HTML5 Project

I’ve just written my first Javascript/CSS/html5 video gallery project. I’ve been using my unemployedness to take some web design courses.

I am truly amazed at what can be done these days with webpages. There’s even an open source alternative to Dreamweaver now (Aptana) and, along with Gimp, WordPress and Moodle, we have some powerful free tools at our fingertips.

Next up: an image gallery and an interactive map. After that, finishing dad’s tractor business website and others. Then back to my own websites and some kick-arse English courses I have in mind for 2012. Hopefully my cash can hold out a month or two longer.