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Lost footing

Old faithful lost his footing the other week.  Seeking a farrier.



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A lot to live up to

Amelie painted this mug for dad’s day.
A daughter’s hero is a lot to live up to.




Outrageous Fools

OK, I’m no Mahatma Ghandi, no Dalai Lama. Our Australian Immigration Minister wants to call “a spade a spade.” Boat arriving asylum seekers are to be called “illegal entries”. This outrageous injustice has definitely disturbed my inner peace.


Let’s have a vocabulary lesson, then. Let’s be forthright and speak the truth. Words are powerful. Let’s call spades, spades.

Let’s look at the word “fool” and its synonyms, firstly via famous quotes, and then in modern context examples.

Famous quotes:

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” Shakespeare – As You Like It

“A fool and his money are soon elected.” Will Rogers

“Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.” Henry David Thoreau

“Very often, say what you will, a knave is only a fool.” Voltaire

Dictionary definition:

Fool (noun) “a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense.”

Modern contexts:

The word “fool” can readily be substituted for its synonyms in the following illustrative examples.

Anyone who ignores evidence of factuality is a fool. For example anyone who, in the face of overwhelming evidence, thinks that:

– seeking asylum is illegal (regardless of arrival method)… is a stooge
– middle-class refugees are less susceptible to oppression and therefore less worthy of seeking asylum… is a moron
– there is some kind of orderly queue that may be joined for seeking asylum in Afghanistan, Iran or Syria… is a sap
– our sovereign borders are under threat by boat arrivals… is a halfwit

– scientific lines-of-research must or can be chosen on the basis of expected financial return… is a dunce
– the climate is not warming… is an ignoramus
– human activity has not and does not significanty contribute to this global warming… is a dimwit
– warmer climate does not mean more bushfires… is a dullard
– underground gas “fracking” near the Artesian Basin may be properly risk-managed… is a loon
– vaccination causes autism… is an imbecile

– privatising fundamental social infrastructure is in the interests of consumers … is a dolt
– a fibre-to-the-node (supposedly) broadband network could be a sufficient and sound investment decision… is a simpleton

– the Earth is 6000 years old… is an oaf
– the church(s) invented the concept of marriage… is a fathead

For those who wish to argue …

Bear in mind, the above are (false) statements – not opinions. These are easily (dis)proven, with evidence readily available. If you disagree, then you’ve missed the point about factuality. I refer you to the meaning of “fool”.

If you feel aggrieved then you are welcome to find illustrate contrary evidence of comparable weight to that readily available.

Good luck with that.

This does not mean cherry-picking convenient parts, whilst ignoring others, in documents and literature such as:

– human rights declarations
– outdated or discredited research
– politically charged technical papers
– particular passages in the Bible

Don’t bother asking me to find evidence for you. I’m not wasting the effort of dragging your head out of the sand.

… now for a cup of tea…

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New Zealand will take 150 refugees from Australian asylum seeker detention centres

Perhaps a step in a useful direction, but really a drop in the bucket. I’d also like to see the basic human rights violations we are perpetrating on refugees being addressed. Also let’s stop calling them illegal aliens, queue jumpers and similar BS. It is not illegal to seek refugee. We are signatories to conventions that protect refugee rights. Politicians should and do know better, and this language simply proves how politicised this issue has become. A few hundred or even a few thousand boat-borne refugees does not constitute a threat to Australia’s security or economy. As for the pious argument that we have their safety-at-sea in our hearts, or that we wish to destroy the people smuggler’s business model, well that’s easy to do by placing Australian immigration processing offices further up the supply chain. It would cost far less as well.

New Zealand will take 150 refugees from Australian asylum seeker detention centres every year under a new deal agreed between the two countries’ governments.

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Thoughtful Debate on Same-Sex Marriage

Here’s an article (which happens to be about same-sex marriage) that shows how unattractive and un-liked it has become to write in a transparently pseudo-academic style. The authors have attracted almost no support at all in the comments, with many intelligently refuting the very roots of the authors’ arguments.

The combined article and comments, as a set, is a heartening and fascinating example of the current thoughtful debate on the topic of same-sex marriage, a debate which is clearly progressing rapidly because of that thoughtful effort.

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But dad, where do we sit?

Kids, it’s like this …

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