Small Stones – A Journey of Mindfulness

Small Stones – A Journey of Mindfulness
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2013-03-24 Small Stone – Run The Gauntlet

G’day mate, nice bike there.
Storm’s coming up. You take care, yeah?

The visor lifts from faraway eyes.
A gaze towards the darkening skies.

He’s played the hill, and had his fun.
A soft wry grin, “Just one more run”.

Cast him a prayer net, home-bound we hurry.
Young lad runs the gauntlet, of nature’s fury.


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2013-03-08 Small Stone – Wanting To Fly

We’re all a team here, don’t push quite so far!
Imagine the kerfuffle, should one raise the bar.
Can’t you fit in son? You don’t seem to try.
(But I’m sure I remember, wanting to fly?)

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2013-01-27 Small Stone – Nice Weather For Ducks

How’s this rain, eh?

Seems the earth might wash away

I’m not complaining, mind.

This drought has robbed our farmers blind.


Dams are full, and gardens soaked.

Ducks and platypuses stoked.

Creeks and tanks on overflow.

Enough’s enough, I venture though.


Today this frog jumped in my door.

Unlikely protest, “This rain … no more!”

Such, you don’t see everyday.

Portent of storms that come this way.


I hope that those in charge of happ’nings.

Are not this time caught napping.

The water isn’t worth our blood.

Not another needless flood.


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Notes for non-Australians:

After years of drought (except for the flood disasters of 2011), Queensland, Australia is awash with an ex-cyclone travelling down the coast.  River flood and storm warnings are current and beaches closed all down the south-east coast. The Brisbane River itself has no flood warning, however the upstream dams are full, as before the last flood.

These dams are meant to protect the city, but they can’t do so if they are full to begin with. I fear that government will have once again underestimated inflows, and I dread a repeat of 2011’s disaster.

In 2011, I helped people drag their ruined lives from their flooded homes. Many have not yet recovered.

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Flood Levies at Charleville

We think of “flood levies” as nicely rounded, grass-topped and sturdy walls of earth, but seeing these thin concrete walls holding back the swollen Warrego River at Charleville is pretty sobering.

Here in Brisbane, with the ground saturated once more, [click to continue…]

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