Jupiter plus 4

Showed Noah (5 yo) the night sky through a telescope for the first time. Astonished after looking at Jupiter with 4 of its moons, he noticed how fast the stars were moving. "Why are the stars moving, dad?" "We'll the stars aren't moving so much as the Earth is rotating." "The earth is rotating!?", he [...]

Moon and Jupiter

Noah and Amelie saw the Moon and Jupiter (plus 4 moons) through my old telescope this evening. The 4.5" reflector was a valued present from my Om (uncle) Jan when I was about 14. Mum carried the bazoooka-looking tube as hand luggage on 3 flights from Europe. Those were carefree days of travel! Then mum [...]

City versus Country Living

It's after you've lived elsewhere, become a bit older, and perhaps started a family, that you appreciate a place like Gympie.  I know I'm speaking through the prism of a childhood in the seventies.  However in most of Brisbane (cities generally) you can't let your (young) kids ride their bikes around town, play in creeks, [...]



ESL/EFL Lesson – For the Love of Nerf

For ESL/EFL learners, this audio is a good example of natural Australian English. Try the comprehension questions below. Higher level learners should try to extend their answers as much as possible, and you may even try this as a listening only. Lower level learners should just listen for the main ideas and use the video to help understand the context.

For the Love of Nerf

What is NERF?

How did Alex get into Nerf?

What special skill has he developed with Nerf?
What is his role in the local NERF community?

How does Alex regard the future of his Nerf hobby?



AUSELT BEP Indigo 2013 ESL Mike Smith Teacher Teaching