Video Control Framework For Teaching

I’ve been playing with methods to make using video (and audio) easier to use in the classroom and also by students for self-study.  The essence is a synchronised, scrolling transcript with indexed play buttons.  You’ve seen this recently with Youtube and, but often a teacher wants to embed those play/pause buttons conveniently within lesson material.  This allows lessons to be more accessible to language learners where the language of instruction itself can be a barrier to learning.  Here’s a prototype lesson based on a song by Ralph McTell – Streets of London.

Effort to create the framework is not yet complete, and the user interface still needs tweaking.  It is fine on a desktop and tablets, but the real challenge is usability on small mobile devices.

I am adding quiz question types including an embedded cloze similar to that found in Moodle, but much more flexible.  It will allow adding progressive hints to lead the learner towards the answer.

This framework is mainly designed for developing language skills, but it could be used in any media-based training or education.

Song Lesson

ESL Teaching Tech

Fire twirling and dinner


Personal Pics and Vids

O’Shea’s Crossing



Small Stones – A Journey of Mindfulness

Small Stones – A Journey of Mindfulness
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Lost footing

Old faithful lost his footing the other week.  Seeking a farrier.



Local cafe



A lot to live up to

Amelie painted this mug for dad’s day.
A daughter’s hero is a lot to live up to.




A Young Light Dims on Angels’ Wings

Today, amidst the world’s turmoil
In a first world country
Or so we suppose

Taken by her damaged mother
Terribly hurt before rescue
Distraught dad sits in emergency
His 5yo girl fights for life

He cannot see her
But for green-clad gowns
Determined, dogged, disciplined
They try, they try, they … fail

Friends gather
Silence, questions, disbelief
As a young light dims
On angels’ wings

No hug goodbye
No, I love you my girl
A father’s heartbreak
Cracks across the city

And the sky weeps
On a sunny day
Wondering what is wrong with us
We hug our little ones more closely

small stone

Religion and Ethics

Can anyone explain why the ABC has combined Religion and Ethics together? They used to be separate areas of the web site. Is religion the sole source of ethics? Has religion been worthy of consideration as a wider ethical framework, or are religions just local moral frameworks?

For the record: ethics and morals are often confused and conflated. Simply, ethics is more fundamental than morals. Use your deep sense of social justice and consequence (ethics) generally to decide what is right and wrong (morals) in specific situations.


A Door Opens

Eyes catch my breath
A laugh startling crows
Pinnaculous intellect
And a dancer’s toes

Fiery hearth
A door opens wide
An arrow-pierced soul
Steps slowly inside

small stone