Religion and Ethics

Can anyone explain why the ABC has combined Religion and Ethics together? They used to be separate areas of the web site. Is religion the sole source of ethics? Has religion been worthy of consideration as a wider ethical framework, or are religions just local moral frameworks?

For the record: ethics and morals are often confused and conflated. Simply, ethics is more fundamental than morals. Use your deep sense of social justice and consequence (ethics) generally to decide what is right and wrong (morals) in specific situations.


A Door Opens

Eyes catch my breath
A laugh startling crows
Pinnaculous intellect
And a dancer’s toes

Fiery hearth
A door opens wide
An arrow-pierced soul
Steps slowly inside

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Small Stone: What brings you joy

The best way to find and do what brings you joy, is to find and do what brings you joy.

This remarkable presentation by Jennifer Aaker, contains a wonderful story about the positive aspects of social media and its possibilities for doing good.

It’s main message, however, is the pursuit of happiness.

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ABOUT JENNIFER AAKER: A social psychologist and marketer, Jennifer Aaker is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She is widely published in the leading scholarly journals in psychology and marketing, and her work has been featured in a variety of media, including The Economist, NYTimes, WSJ, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Science. A sought-after teacher in the field of marketing, Professor Aaker teaches courses, including ‘Designing Happiness’, ‘How to Tell a Story’, ‘Building Innovative Brands’, and ‘The Power of Social Technology’.

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Australian Immigration Policy Vs Super Typhoon Haiyan


So… the Philippines are just on the other side of Indonesia, closer to Australia than Vietnam, from where many refugee boats come in the 1970s.

I wonder how the Australian government would react to people escaping from the aftermath of Typhoon Haiphan by boat to Australia for a new life.
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Small Stone: The Impossible


A child has no ken of the impossible.

Cousins from opposite sides of the world play together in my sister’s pool.

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