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RSL Parmegiana

Too tired to cook so it’s
Cheap parmegiana Thursday at the local RSL
Look over at ex diggers and nurses
Feeding their pensions to the pokies

Good folk
Salt of the earth
Stoically doubling up
“Must be my turn now …”

Civilian soldiers in pointless, un-winnable battles

Surrounded, here, by images of
Equally vain heroics
Gallipoli, the Somme
We stand to “Lest We Forget” at 7pm

Fourteen seconds
To reflect on what those
Poor buggers died for

Here they are again
Another “Great War”
Rising from the trenches
To face the uncaring ra-ta-tat

Stiffen, grimace, then suck their breath
And fumble for more coins

Why have the pokies?
To raise money for the benefit of the patrons

You know, that’s how the club can offer cheap meals
Because they, umm … can’t afford to eat


Small Stone for

small stone