The Adult’s Horizon

Kids love to climb
Is that perchance?

Before the fear of heights
etches into our adult psyche,
the chloroform of conformity
stifles our adventurer’s wonder,
and wide-eyed curiosity.

Bold exploits with newfound friends,
as-yet-unplumbed dexterity and reach,
(can this body really do anything I ask?)

Survey realms atop a rope fortress,
Clamber and scale sea-foamed castle walls,
Win the fruits aloft a slippery mango’s boughs,
Skinning knees and elbows,
And later, their hearts and souls.

Adolescent ventures push and set the bounds of adult life:
world’s radius,
courage’s ambit,
vision’s horizon,
moral’s compass,
sally’s range.

With what hope can we face the adult world
if, as a child, we feared to climb a tree?

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