Smal Stone – The Worms

Sometimes, ahead of the wave
Often, adrift on unreliable dreams
This day, gnawed by the worms of panic

Calm is a thinly hollow crystal
The sheerest gossamer mask

But children must not see fear
In the eyes of adults

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small stone

A Poem for Raquel’s Dad

For you, Raquel? Hope this helps.

So many bitter-sweet edges to Father’s Day
As we grow older, more go away
Yet friends reach out a thousand miles
To soothe pain, hid ‘neath smiling profiles

We may not see them, with our eyes
Yearn in anguish with our cries
Yet they do live on, high up above
Borne forever by our love

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small stone

Small Stone 2013-06-03 Pale Blue Dot Ambassador

A red dusty welcome, robot traveller

Yon pale blue dot’s ambassador

Visitors are rare here, as you can see

If you’d called ahead, there’d be scones and tea

Parades, a key, and my best winter frock

Then again perhaps not, as I am only a rock

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This image was doing the rounds of the internet as the “Martian Bigfoot” some time ago, and recently as well. It’s an illusion, of course. But it drew out a thought of what a martian might say to the Rover Spirit. The photo itself is quite real.

Explanation here:

small stone