2013-03-24 Small Stone – Run The Gauntlet

G’day mate, nice bike there.
Storm’s coming up. You take care, yeah?

The visor lifts from faraway eyes.
A gaze towards the darkening skies.

He’s played the hill, and had his fun.
A soft wry grin, “Just one more run”.

Cast him a prayer net, home-bound we hurry.
Young lad runs the gauntlet, of nature’s fury.


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2013-03-24 Small Stone – Moonlight Creek Paddle

Paddling the creek first time since the floods
Strong tide reversi: fish, crabs and muds.

Splish splish oar rythmn, rough first then settles,
Burnt orange sunset, cloud-borne rose petals.

Twilight gives way to a clear dark bright sky
Silver near-full moon, a high baleful eye.

Kayak, she squirms at my over-enthused touch
Smooth, firm-yet-steady, she prefers more as such.

Mesmer the stars and galaxies above me
Bubbles and Pooh sticks tickling her tummy.

The bow waves slice sharply, slurping the yards
Fending off bull sharks (imagined), and tree shards.

It’s long since I’ve wetted my backside-wide yacht
Banish frustration and neck muscle knots.

I’ll sleep now the drowse of fine honest toil
Physical effort and poetry’s foil.


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2013-03-08 Small Stone – Wanting To Fly

We’re all a team here, don’t push quite so far!
Imagine the kerfuffle, should one raise the bar.
Can’t you fit in son? You don’t seem to try.
(But I’m sure I remember, wanting to fly?)

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2013-03-07 Small Stone – Shields of Pretence

Civil veneer,
facade of success.
Roles and personas,
shields of pretence.

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