Jupiter plus 4

Showed Noah (5 yo) the night sky through a telescope for the first time. Astonished after looking at Jupiter with 4 of its moons, he noticed how fast the stars were moving.

“Why are the stars moving, dad?” “We’ll the stars aren’t moving so much as the Earth is rotating.” “The earth is rotating!?”, he says nervously getting off the chair on which he was standing to reach the eyepiece, “Then why aren’t we shaking?” “Good question.”

Later, “Hey what’s that aeroplane doing going so fast?” “That’s a satellite, it might be the space station. You can see it because it’s so high that the sun is still shining on it.” “We can see something in space!? Can I fly a space ship?” “Sure, someday. Just do your homework.”

And so the wondrous cycle kicks continues…


First Javascript/HTML5 Project

I’ve just written my first Javascript/CSS/html5 video gallery project. I’ve been using my unemployedness to take some web design courses.

I am truly amazed at what can be done these days with webpages. There’s even an open source alternative to Dreamweaver now (Aptana) and, along with Gimp, WordPress and Moodle, we have some powerful free tools at our fingertips.

Next up: an image gallery and an interactive map. After that, finishing dad’s tractor business website and others. Then back to my own websites and some kick-arse English courses I have in mind for 2012. Hopefully my cash can hold out a month or two longer.


Faith and Science

The word “faith” is not appropriate here in conjunction with “science”.


Science is not a belief system, rather its credibility rests on applied, objective skepticism. Every idea is tested, remaining a theory till proven by weight of evidence which has been peer reviewed. [click to continue…]